Thursday, February 21, 2013

Illustration Friday: Wool

My submission to Illustration Friday : Wool

 Dinner was made and wolfed down. Kids in their pjs and ready for bed.

Wait...I have a few minutes to myself?!
Could I actually have.....time to paint?  :)

I admit, I am pretty rusty after not picking up my stylus for a few months, so the end result is a little sloppy, but my dissatisfaction with the quality of work is dwarfed by the sense of accomplishment in completing a drawing of any kind after so long.

One of the Waldorf dolls I used to make.

Picture of actual wool I worked with. It was so soft!

Holding the stylus on my wacom tablet felt a little awkward as I sat down to paint this super fast little sheep tonight.  He is my submission to Illustration Friday.

The topic this week : Wool.

I have some experience with real honest to goodness wool. Freshly sheered, washed and combed; I used wool batting shipped from a farm out east to make Waldorf dolls a few years back. It was a delight to open a new box of wool. It smelled heavenly and looked just like freshly spun off-white cotton candy. I wished I was a tiny person that could just leap into it! So it seemed fitting to let my little sheep enjoy his own serving of the flossy candy.

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