Sunday, November 24, 2013


2 MILLION #bethegold video views!!!

BE THE GOLD website
 If you follow my blog you might be aware of a few things:

1.) My little boy is a leukemia patient.
2.) I am trying to make his diagnosis a catalyst for good.
3.) When I get, what I think is, a good idea I can't help but try to make it happen.

The result of all these things? The BE THE GOLD movement.

BE THE GOLD involves a lot of things, but the gist is that the movement is on a quest to make supporting childhood cancer awareness popular and even trendy. Two big things help this happen.

Firstly, BE THE GOLD focuses on making the gold "Hello, my name is" name badge the symbol for childhood cancer awareness (just like the pink ribbon is for breast cancer or mustaches in November are for prostate/testicular cancer).

Second, the movement is fueled by social media, namely awesome Youtubers. I have reached out to several of my favorite Youtubers to make a video doing what they normally (and awesomely) do but in a gold theme. They keep it upbeat and short and sweet.

So far, BE THE GOLD has 11 videos with more coming soon! Today was a major milestone as the view count is now over 2 MILLION on the videos! AMAZING! I feel overwhelmed with gratitude for all the support and lovely comments from everyone! I am doing my best and working hard at this and it feels amazing that it is making a difference! Thank You so much!

To check out the videos so far CLICK HERE.
Other social medias: 

If you haven't already, please consider liking the BE THE GOLD Facebook page and looking through the "How to BE THE GOLD" list. Every share, every click counts!

If a stranger can make a Facebook page petitioning Betty White to host SNL, get over 500k likes and achieving their goal...

If the Nyan cat video can get over 103 MILLION views...

Why, oh why can't something this important get just as popular?

So take the time and flex that index finger and click away. :) I know I will certainly appreciate it!
Let's cause a buzz and turn some heads!

Daily Dose
  • I love the response my latest Illustration Friday submission has received. I love feeling like I am making progress as I grow as an artist.
  • Speaking of great responses, the Star Wars costumes post has been wildly popular! It is currently (with only about 48 hours since posting) the 5th most popular post of mine of all-time! It was so much work and I am so glad people have responded so positively to it!
  • I am fixing to do another Inspiration Spotlight soon. They are my favorite type of post to do and it's been a while since my last one. 

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