Monday, February 3, 2014

Creative Craving: Thumbprint Hearts Valentine's Day Cards

Thumbprint Hearts Valentine's Day Card

2014 is so weird.
The first time in history a year omits January.
Only 11 months in this year, I guess.
Well, at least that's how it feels like!

Can you believe it is only a few days before Valentine's day already!!!

For those of you looking for an easy craft that can include the whole family, here is a quick tutorial that worked well for our family. All you need is some white cardstock, some leftover scrapbook paper and craft paint. 

1.) First, I cut out a piece long narrow piece of white cardstock. Mine was approximately 2 1/2 inches wide and 7 inches tall. I wanted to incorporate the whole family so I went with this tall narrow layout, but if you have more or fewer members of the family, a square shape or any other shape for that matter, would also look adorable as well. 

2.) Then I used a paper plate as a palette and squirted out a little dab of various paint colors. My color choices were limited to what I had on hand and then each member of the family picked out their favorite from there. 

3.) Then the grown ups (my husband and I) dabbed out thumbs in the paint, pressed our thumbs once on scrap paper to get the excess off and then made two overlapping thumbprints on the prepared cardstock to make a heart. 

I love keys!

4.) The kids had a slightly different approach. They are all fairly young (6 years old, 2 years old and 7 months) so to prevent a finger painting free-for-all, I used their little thumbs as stamps which I directed. They just handed over their hands and I did the dipping, dabbing and pressing. Voila, cute kid thumbprint hearts! No worries, for the kid's participation and after washing up, they got a clean sheet of cardstock to paint (with a paint brush) to their heart's content. 

5.) Lastly, I mounted the thumb-printed cardstock onto a folded piece of coordinating scrapbook paper. 

6.) Optional: To make it even cuter, I opted to have a "Thumbprint Key" on the inside left-side of the card (opposite the sentiment side) so that the recipients would know who was who. P.S. I love legend/keys!

I made several of these via an assembly line style system and it took no time at all. It was fun, relatively unmessy (considering there was paint involved) and cost me nothing out-of-pocket (because I had the materials on hand). If you are looking for something fun to do with the family for Valentine's, give this a try! :)

With an assembly line set up, you can churn these out quickly!

Daily Dose
  • Henry is crawling! He was "army crawling" everywhere yesterday!
  • I am nearing my 100th blog post. I can't believe it!
  • I am hoping to get another time-lapse painting video up soon. Stay tuned. :)
  • We are nearing 350 fans on the Facebook page! :D At 500, I will be having another giveaway!


  1. Awww this is sooo cute! Love those thumbprint heart. Just be sure to include to sweet Valentines day messages and that would surely be a perfect gift this Valentines day.

    Cheers and hugs xxx
    Marilyn xxxx

  2. How old is Henry? Our Zachy is nine months on the 20th!


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